Scarred Lands

Scarred Lands: Harbor City Murders

March 7, 2009 Safaria Darbinian – Female Human Paladin of Corean Halder Dernum – Male Half-Orc Cleric of Madriel Rutgar – Male Dwarf Wizard Karel Cauthon – Male Human Wizard (Necromancer) Pheonix Dextros – Male Human Rogue Lavidia Nivar – Female Half-Elf Cleric of Drendari

Third Corday of Madrot, 150 AV:

Retinues from Hollowfaust and Burok Torn arrive at the temple of Corean in the Holy City of Mithril. Their purpose here is to begin trade negotiations between Mithril, Vesh, Burok Torn, and Hollowfaust, in an attempt to break the Calastian stranglehold on the south.

Most of the group finds itself in the courtyard as they arrive in the city, and after a brief address by the High Priest of Corean, Emili Derigesh and the famous paladin Barconius, the retinues are assigned to their guides and the clergy their charges.

Safaria is assigned to Rutgar the dwarf, and Halder is assigned to young Karel. They are informed that while in the city they are expected to remain together for safety and other purposes. Karel and Rutgar also registered with the Guild of the Shadow as part of the agreement for their presences in Mithril.

After the group makes its introductions, they head off to find appropriate lodgings for the two newcomers. Karel makes it plain that he desperately wants to see the skeleton of the “demon whale”. Halder lets him know of an inn down the street from the museum where the skeleton is held, while Safaria tells him that the museum is closed for renovations.

As the group makes its way to the inn, Halder questions Karel about his silent and rather mechanical follower. Karel politely informs the half orc that his friend, Mr. Procter, has suffered a severe trauma and no longer speaks. The young wizard also makes it plain that Mr. Proctor is an equal in his eyes, referring to him as his “travelling companion”.

Dispite this fact the group makes its way to the inn and after purchasing rooms using various funds, they set off to the Museum in hopes of curing Karel’s resolute unyielding need to view this skeleton.

Along the way they run into a young ne’er do well, who attempts to pick the pockets of the unsuspecting Karel. Upon the discovery of his actions he attempted to bluff his way out, wherein they learn his name is Phoenix. Unable to lie his way out, he returns the goods and desires to leave. While the rest of the group decides this is acceptable, Safaria decides that the young man must be brought to justice for his attempted thievery and a merry chase ensues.

Phoenix darts away, followed closely by Mr. Proctor and company. Sliding into an alley Phoenix attempts to hide amongst the assorted alley refuse and plethora of barrels, crates, and other such things. Mr. Proctor is not fooled and Phoenix attempts to flee once more, but is grabbed and held by Safaria. Rutgar, who has until this point been rather taciturn, grabs a length of rope to bind the human. Phoenix uses this momentary distraction to slip out of the Paladin’s grasp and makes a quick getaway.

Determining the scoundrel not worth the time, much to Safaria’s displeasure, the group makes its way back to its original goal of the museum. Only to find that it is indeed closed, but after Karel’s banging on the door he’s informed that the museum will be open tomorrow.

The group then decides to head to the market, where they while away the afternoon looking at various shops and things all while having a theological discussion about the morality surrounding being a necromancer and the raising of undead. As the group finds itself still in the market come twilight, they begin to make their way back to the inn. As they traverse the streets of the Harbor City of Mithril, walking amongst the few people who are hurrying home so as to not be caught in the dark.

Along one street they hear a scream of agony from across the way and look over to see none other than Phoenix and a human sized figure in a black cloak pulling a bloody short sword from the scoundrel’s back.

The group jumped into action with the cleric of madriel rushing over to heal the wounded Phoenix. Rutgar let loose with a spell and a woman leaped from the shadows intent on pursuing the cloaked figure who fled into the sewers when confronted with 6 combatants (7 including Mr. Proctor).

Karel with his knowledge of undead, proves his worth despite his age and informs the group that the thing in question is an Alley Reaper, the remnant of a dead murderer given a new lease on unlife by the goddess Belsameth. The group decides to pursue the reaper. Most of them out of an obligation to rid the city of it’s evil, and Phoenix because there might be treasure. So the group heads down into the sewers.

Once in the sewers the group attempted to track the alley reaper through the winding passages beneath the city. They found a trail of blood smeared on the walls and followed the direction of the smears into a large overflow room in the sewer system.

Going down the stairs the group spotted the body of a woman floating in a pool of the crimson waters of the blood sea. Moving closer to investigate, the group hears singing reverberating through the room, and Phoenix and Halder become entranced by the womanly figure. While the rest of the group watches the two move into the pool and toward the woman.

Standing up and brushing her hair aside, she reveals that she is no woman but she is a Blood Maiden. A creature with the form of a woman but a lampreys mouth instead of a face, confronted the group along with 4 more hungry friends. The group dispatched them without too much effort and collected a small treasure hoard from the aberrations. But that left them no closer to finding the Alley Reaper.

The group moved back into the sewers and continues searching for more clues as to the whereabouts of the Alley Reaper. They discovered another couple smears of blood that led them deeper into the sewers, while one of the group surmised that the reaper was just playing with them.

Going deeper into the sewers searching as they go, Lavidia failed to detect a trap and ended up with an arrow in her shoulder. After dealing with the wound the group continued on and ran into a group of spider eye goblins who had apparently made a home underneath Mithril. Mr. Proctors armor and clothing ended up getting shredded revealing the fact that he’s actually a skeleton following Karel around. The group begins to be opposed to the idea of Mr. Proctor’s presence on the grounds that its illegal in the bounds of Mithril to raise undead, while Karel argues that Mr. Procter was raised outside the city limits, and he hasn’t actually done anything wrong. The group decides to debate this issue later, after they’ve made their way outside the sewers.

After barely getting away from the goblins, the group continues through the sewers going back toward the temple city, albeit underground. They make their way west, and away from the tainted waters of the sewers of Mithril and into the catacombs beneath the Temple city.

Walking down a passageway they notice a door in the middle of the wall. Safaria opens it before it can be searched, and thankfully there are no traps. On the other side of the door they find a small ruined library filled with a great deal of informative texts, on most subjects they can think of. There are even obscure references to very esoteric bits of lore. Halder pulls out some volumes that pertain to the faith of Madriel, and a volume falls on his foot.

Upon closer inspection he discovers that it is simply an empty book cover, with no pages. It is a supple leather book cover, night blue, with a metallic silver starburst on both covers. He shows it to the rest of the group, and Rutgar takes it from him and there is a flash, much akin to static electricity. A silver starburst appeared on the forehead of Rutgar the dwarf, and he then tells the group that he has seen a vision of a place on the Plains of Lede.

About that time they notice torchlight behind the other charred door of the library. They open the charred door to find a group of the Crows, the mercenary company charged with protecting the Penumbral Ruins beneath the city of Mithril. Upon being informed that they are indeed in the Penumbral Ruins, without authorization, the group is ordered to come with the company back to be questioned about their presence there.

Scarred Lands Chronicle
Current goings on

The writings contained herein were recently uncovered in the Library of Lokil. It appears to be a record of the travels and tribulations of a group of adventurers that traveled the length and breadth of Ghelspad.

Who knows what other twists and turns are contained within its pages?


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